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Trace Nitrogen Gas Analyzers (ACCURRA-S 3033)


  • Air Separation Unit
  • Cryogenic truck loading station
  • Speciality gas laboratories
  • Process control
  • Argon purification plant
  • Steel Industries
  • Chemical plants
  • Welding gas control
  • Helium liquification plants
  • Gas management system
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Quality control for truck fills and gas cylinders


Trace Nitrogen Gas Analyzers

The Online trace Nitrogen in Argon / Helium Analyser for High Purity Argon / Helium is a requirement of Lab instruments, Chemical Plants, Welding, Semiconductor manufacturing. This has necessitated measurement of Trace Nitrogen the major impurity in Argon / Helium at various stages of Production, Transportation and end use.

The unique design brings reliability and accuracy needed for such measurement. The Plasma Emission Detector System extends the lifetime of the cell. This Duty Cycle Controlled System has the property to decrease contamination and coating inside the plasma cell giving a more efficient, reliable and accurate analyzer.