Smart Systems for Gas Analyser


I-CONS is the most Advanced, Intelligent and Compact Extractive Sampling System based on Powerful Peltier cooler. It includes all the essential Sampling Components, Realtime Diagnostics with Auto Correction and Early Warnings, History and Modbus communications.

Advanced Features

  • Plug and Play Sampling System for your Analyser
  • Consumes Less Space
  • Needs Very Few external components
  • Enables Fastest integration Time.
  • Reduces Direct and Indirect Cost.
  • Maintenance reminder for Pump and Filter
  • Auto Blowback on Flow Failure.

Hardware Features

  • Heated Sample Probe with Auto-blowback
  • Heated Hose controller
  • Sample Cooler with Peristaltic Pumps
  • Sample Pump with Flow Control Valve
  • Fine Filter and Condensate Sensor
  • In built Solenoid Valves for Auto-calibration