Range of Gas Analyzers we manufacture & supply

ppb Gas Analysers

Trace / ppm Gas Analysers

Percentage (%) and Purity Analysers

ppm Ammonia (NH3)
% Argon (Ar)
ppm Carbon Di-oxide (CO2) % Carbon Di-oxide (CO2)
ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO) % Carbon Monoxide (CO)
ppm Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)
% Helium (He)
% Hydrogen (H2)
ppm Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
ppm Methane (CH4) % Methane (CH4)
ppm Moisture
ppm Nitric Oxide (NO)
ppb Nitrogen  (N2) ppm Nitrogen  (N2)
ppb Oxygen (O2) ppm Oxygen (O2) % Oxygen (O2)
ppm Sulphur Di-oxide (SO2) % Sulphur Di-oxide (SO2)
ppm Total Hydro Carbon (THC)