Hydrogen Analyser

Our Online Hydrogen Gas Analyser is based our advanced ACCURRA-S platform.  Accurra-S analyser exceeds the industry expectations on Accuracy, Reliability and cost of ownership. It gives years of trouble free performance and are less prone to operational and/or calibration errors. They are best suited for online monitoring of Processes mainly for safety, efficiency and product quality. We can measure Purity as well as Trace Hydrogen in various background gases.

Salient Features

  • Online Process Gas Analyser
  • Microprocessor Based with user Friendly Menu
  • Dual Level Password Protection
  • Suppressed Calibration Facility
  • Separate History for Alarms and Calibrations
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output with user programmable Dual range and Suppressed Range
  • Outputs Freeze / Follow Function
  • Self diagnostics and Calibration check
  • Relay Outputs:
    • Alarms: User programmable, Lo-Hi, Lo-Lo, Hi-Hi
    • Fault
    • Pump Control / Range ID
    • Zero and Span Calibration Gases
  • Modbus Communication
  • In-built Filter & Flow Indicator
  • Optional: Auto-calibration.

Two models are available based on the measurement range and technology.

ACCURRA – S 1015                                      Trace Hydrogen Analyser

  • Measurement Range :                      0 – 100/1000 ppm
  • Sensor Technology:                          Electrochemical
  • Display Resolution:                          0.1 ppm
  • Response Time T90:                        < 60 sec
  • Calibration:                                        Single or Dual Point Calibration.

ACCURRA-S 1090                                  Percentage Hydrogen Analyser

  • Measurement Range :                      0 – 100 %
  • Sensor Technology:                          TCD
  • Display Resolution:                          0.01 %
  • Response Time T90:                        < 5 sec
  • Background Gases:                           Air, N2, He, CO2, CH4