Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers


Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer can be used for online measurement of O2 in a high temperature samples. Because of this property it is widely used in industries using Boilers, Furnaces, Steel Plant, Refineries, and Power Plants etc.

Our Zirconia Analyser Model ACCURRA-Zr measures Oxygen online from 0.1-21% level in almost all applications such as Combustion Process, Metal processing, Petrochemical & Refinery Processes, Power Plants etc. the list is endless. It can be used in Combustion Control System to achieve the Stoichiometric ratio.

The Zirconia sensor in our case is not mounted at the tip of the probe; rather it is inside the probe which acts as a protective shield. We have models which are suitable for high dust load and for high sample temperature.
One of the major and unique advantages of our Zirconia analyser ACCURRA-Zr is that it can be used in high pressure, high temperature and high dust load sample / processes

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