Oxygen Gas Analyzers

Oxygen, the second-largest volume industrial gas, is produced and consumed commercially as a gas or as liquid necessitating critical measurements for Safety, Quality, Purity and Efficiency control at various stages. Our Oxygen Gas Analyzers model ACCURRA-S is Reliable, Accurate and provide years of trouble free performances. Our Oxygen Gas Analyzers provide lowest cost of ownership, User friendly, and less prone to operational and/or calibration errors.

We manufacture top quality Oxygen Gas Analyzers model ACCURRA-S which can measure Oxygen Online or Portable from PPM level to 100% purity level in almost all applications such as Chemical Processes, Combustion Process, Hazardous Process, Air Separation Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Metal processing, Petrochemical & Refinery Processes, Nitrogen Blanketing etc. …the list is endless.

Percentage Oxygen Analyzers

(ACCURRA-S 3030)
(ACCURRA-S 3030)

Our Percentage Oxygen Analyser ACCURRA-S is microprocessor based and offer our users the freedom of selecting his own measurement range over the entire range of 0-100%, freely selectable Dual range / suppressed range 4-20 mA output, relays which can be set for Oxygen enriched processes or Oxygen deficient process or for simple process control.

The Measurement range is 0- 100% with accuracy as best as of 0.05 %. Our Percentage Oxygen Analyser ACCURRA-S can come with many of the sample handling components such as Filter, Flow meter, Auto calibration and pump control as part of standard supply. The components are pre integrated at our factory making our analyser ACCURRA-S as Plug and Play devices.

The menu is user friendly. The Diagnostics and History feature are very useful for process analysis and maintenance. The sensor options are Long Life Electrochemical sensor or Paramagnetic Sensor. The Percentage Oxygen Analyser can come as General purpose or Hazardous area certified Transmitter / Analyser. There are Online / Portable versions of percentage gas analysers

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