Filters for Compressed Air

Even in a new installation compressed air is a heavily contaminated product. Dirt is ingested through the compressor inlet, oil is carried over from the piston, and water condenses out at the higher pressures. The demand for more sophisticated and reliable pneumatic systems can only be met by ultra-clean compressed air.

A well-designed coalescing filtration system will essentially remove all solid and liquid contamination, with minimum maintenance and operating costs. Headline coalescing filters remove 99.99% of solid and liquid particles and aerosols down to 0.1 micron, producing truly clean compressed air.

  • High Efficiency Coalescing Filter¬† & Filter Regulators
  • Removes last traces of oil vapor & odor from Compressed Air
  • Various Air Pollutant Adsorbents available
  • Differential Pressure Indicators
  • Automatic Drains
  • Maximum Flow Rate : 11500 Nm3/Hr
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