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Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzers (ACCURRA-S 2000)

Carbon Monoxide Gas AnalyzersCarbon monoxide is an industrial gas that has many applications in bulk chemicals manufacturing. It is part of Hydroformylation and hydrogenation process. It is major constituent in acetic acid production. Pure carbon monoxide is also used for purifying nickel. It is major byproduct in steel making.

We can measure Carbon monoxide online from 0-10000 ppm or 0- 10% level in almost all applications of Chemical Processes, Combustion Process, Steel making, Biogas and landfill Application.

Our Carbon monoxide Analysers model ACCURRA-S 2000 series is based on latest NDIR technology with better Linearity, Accuracy and Repeatability. Our Carbon monoxide Analysers are microprocessor based and offers our users the freedom of selecting his own measurement range over the entire range, freely selectable Dual Range / Suppressed Range 4-20 mA output and relays.

Our Carbon monoxide Analysers model ACCURRA-S 2000 series can come with many of the sample handling components such as Filter, Flow meter, Auto calibration and pump control as part of standard supply. The components are pre integrated at our factory making our analyser as Plug and Play devices. The sample handling system is designed for your process for optimum ease of operation and maintenance..