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Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzers (ACCURRA-S 6030)

Carbon Di-oxide is non-ozone depleting, non-toxic, non-flammable gas which converts to Liquid under pressure at Room Temperature. It is a good solvent. Because of which it is widely used in industries such as Beverages, Food, Fire extinguisher, Lasers, Oil recovery, as refrigerants and Pharmaceutical and other chemical processing. Carbon dioxide is widely used as mixture with Argon for welding and as an ingredient in the production of urea, carbonates and bicarbonates, and sodium salicylate. This has necessitated measurement of Carbon Di-Oxide at various stages of production, transportation and end use.

We can measure Carbon Di-oxide online from 0-100% level in almost all applications such as Chemical Processes, Combustion Process, Hazardous Process, Air Separation Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Metal processing, Petrochemical & Refinery Processes, Blanketing etc. the list is endless.

Our Carbon Di-oxide Analysers ACCURRA-S 6030 is based on latest NDIR technology with excellent Linearity, Accuracy and Repeatability. Our Carbon Di-oxide Analysers are microprocessor based and offer our users the freedom of selecting his own measurement range over the entire range of 0-100%, freely selectable Dual Range / Suppressed Range 4-20 mA output and relays.

Our Carbon Di-oxide Analysers ACCURRA-S 6030 can come with many of the sample handling components such as Filter, Flow meter, Auto calibration and pump control as part of standard supply. The components are pre integrated at our factory making our analyser as Plug and Play devices. The sample handling system is designed for your process for optimum ease of operation and maintenance.